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Your cat must be used to being handled, and groomed. The price for grooming your cat depends on what is to be done and its behaviour.  A matted cat will be shaved to relieve the problem. A cats skin tears very easily and heavy matting and knots can rip the skin if they are caught, and they also can hide and cause sores, infection etc. For the welfare of the cat, we will do what is best at the time. If your cat bites, scratches, etc. you are totally responsible for this behaviour and the damage caused (see safety section) and may be required to pay for antibiotics for the groomer. Grooming a cat is a highly skilled and dangerous activity and always takes two groomers and this is reflected in the price. Your other option is to take your cat to be shaved under anaesthetic in a veterinary practice, which will cost in the region of £150 – £200. If the grooming process is becoming dangerous to the groomers, then we will stop the groom and the cat goes home with or without being finished. We will not stress out or force any animal to be groomed.

We do not and will not take your cat on if you can’t handle it or pick it up, if you are scared of it, if it is feral or just lives outside,  if you cannot brush or comb it in general, or if you have any doubts whatsoever about its behaviour. In these instances, speak to your vet.

Contrary to common belief and superstition, most cats, do actually like to be bathed and dried and are generally very comfortable with the procedure.

The cat grooming procedure is as follows;

Cat is placed on the grooming table and his claws are clipped and his ears cleaned with a tea tree oil solution. Then he is brushed and combed and groomed. His sanitary area or under belly maybe clipped – depending upon your instruction. Once he is combed through and any mats or lugs have been removed, he may be shaved

(after discussion of your requirements), then he will be bathed in natural hypoallergenic shampoo, and dried with a warm air dryer. He will be brushed through and any final tidy-up and adjustment made to the coat, and then he can go home.

We will not send any animal home wet for him to ‘dry naturally’, this is unfair on the cat who may get cold and become ill as a  result.

When bringing your cat, please make sure that it is brought in a suitable car carrier, so that is cannot escape between your car and our front door etc.

It is advisable to have your cat microchipped just in case it should ever get lost.

If you wish us to microchip your pet whilst it is here, please ask for this service.

When in our salon all doors and windows are locked and no other person is allowed entry until your cats groom is finished  and your cat is safely and securely back in its box.

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